The Lumafit path to a fitter you!

Lumafit is an interactive fitness coach designed to get you fit. The core of the experience mirrors that of your interaction with a real personal trainer. Starting with a fitness assessment the Lumafit takes you step by step to a fitter you!


Fitness Assessment

A 10 minute fitness test puts you through your paces and gauges your baseline fitness level.


Based on your fitness level the Lumafit coach will recommend workouts and a schedule that works for you.

Track and Validate

The coaching app will automically track and validate your routine. Motivating you every step of the way.

Improved Fitness

Stay focused and you will level up quickly. Over 12 weeks you will see significant improvements in your fitness.


Go Way Beyond Step Counting!

Lumafit virtual coach puts you through your paces at home and at the gym.
Interactive bootcamp workouts. Cardio gym session analyzer. Heart rate monitor.
Get Lumafit and Unleash Your Potential!

How the Lumafit works

Each exercise has a
3D motion "Signature"

Ear sensor captures
3D Motion & Heart Data

Virtual Coach App gives
interactive realtime feedback

Lumafit Features

Interactive Bootcamp

Tracks over 20 exercise including situps, pressups, lunges and burpees.

Cardio Gym Session

Track your cardio gym session automatically. Get your session report including time and calories for treadmill, elliptical, rowing machine and bike.

Accurate Heart Rate

The Lumafit’s medical grade heart sensor measures your heart rate throughout even the most vigorous workout.


Accurate Calorie Burn

The Lumafit measures your core body motion and heart activity to give you a much more accurate record of the calories you burn during your workout.

Measure Fitness Level

Our 7 minute fitness assessment gives you a record of your current level of cardio fitness. It also lets you know how you compare to others of your age.

Against The Clock

Workout against the clock to beat your best time. Previous best for each workout are shown in real time via a ghost progress bar as well as split times for each set.


Track Your Progress

Your dashboard shows your progress. Push hard and gain points per workout. Level up quickly to see fast improvements in your fitness level.

Share With Friends

Share your workout results with friends on Facebook. Challenge all comers to beat your time!

Secure Fit

The Lumafit is only worn when you need it during a workout session. Its sleekly designed and ultra light it can be carried in its carry pouch to the gym anytime.


Cloud Sync

Export your workout data to your favorite app via the cloud. Includes Healthkit, Google Fit and MapMyFitness

Demonstration Videos

Demonstration videos show the correct form for all of our bootcamp exercises from basic crunches to the more difficult split squats and rotating lunges.

Real Time Graphs

Select heart rate graph mode to show your heart rate in a real time graph during your workout..


Workouts for Beginners to Triathletes

The Lumafit adapts its recommendations to fit your fitness level. Workouts range from casual 7 minute to uber intense 40 minute bodyweight sessions. With increasing fitness the Lumafit will push you harder to get to the next level.

Fill your Trophy Cabinet

Stay focused on your goals. Reach milestones and get rewarded with achievement Trophies. Over 50 to collect. Collect them all to become a Lumafit superstar!

Ultra-Light Sports Design

Built with comfort in mind. The sleek behind the ear design weighs a super light 19g. It's secure fit design will stay on during all vigorous exercise programs.

Sync With Your Favourite Apps

We also let you sync your workout data with your favorite tracking apps. Linking with HealthKit, GoogleFit, MapMyFitness and Runkeeper. We will be updating regularly so if your favorite isn't here, it will be soon.

Your Virtual Coach

Your Virtual Coach