Hi, we’re Lumafit

Our vision is to put fun at the centre of keeping fit and lead the way in creating the next generation of smart tech that motivate us to be healthy.

To that end we developed Lumafit, a personal fitness system driven by real time interaction and designed to motivate anyone to improve their fitness and live healthier.

The Lumafit is a unique mix of science, technology and design. It’s 3D motion capture system tracks head trajectories and uses pattern recognition to identify which exercise you are doing and what cardio gym machine you are using in real-time. The on-board heart monitor also allows you to accurately track your intensity and calories during workouts. Using this core data the Lumafit becomes a personal trainer giving you recommendations on workouts and tracking and validating your progress. Aimed at beginners and athletes the Lumafit provides an easy to use platform for tracking and improving your fitness.

Lumafit was founded in 2012 by Darran Hughes and Stephen Hughes, both previously at MIT MedialLab.

Stephen is a world expert on sensor design having consulted for companies such as Nokia and Samsung. Stephen’s passionate about cycling and combines this with regular bodyweight routines as part of his fitness regime.

Darran is a data guru and while at MIT his focus was neurological signal analysis. Prior to this he led teams developing PlayStation and Xbox games. Darran understands that data is important but is meaningless without killer user experience. A running fanatic he has been recently focused on adding running analytics to Lumafit to give real time user feedback on information such as heel strike and ground contact time and help coach overall running technique.

Lumafit has grown rapidly with world class designers and developers joining the team to help drive the product forward. The main office is in Dublin, Ireland and with extended teams in both the US and the UK. We’re a passionate bunch and we’re excited to create the world’s best fitness platform allowing everyone everywhere to get fit and live healthier.