Step 1

Download Lumafit

Download the free Lumafit fitness app from the App Store (for Apple devices) or Google Play (for Android decices).

Step 2

Meet Your Lumafit Sensor

Controls & Indicators
Power On / Off
Press power button to toggle power on/off. LED will flash slowly to indicate ready for connection.
Pairing Mode
With power off press and hold power button for 5 seconds. LED will double flash repeatedly to indicate pairing mode.
LED will be a constant blue when connected.
Low Battery
LED will flash fast to indicate low battery.
Up to 4.0 hours continuous data connection during exercises (varies by use)
Sensor powers down after 5 minutes if not in connected state.
Up to 2.5 hours for a full charge cycle.
Note: Sensor performs best when charged before each use.

Step 3

Pair and Connect

  1. Grab your smartphone and turn on Bluetooth.
  2. Hold down power button on sensor for 5 seconds. This will put sensor into pairing mode. The LED will double flash when in pairing mode.
  3. Wait for smartphone to detect your lumafit and then select it in the Bluetooth menu to pair and connect.
  4. If prompted to enter a PIN to successfuly pair, simply press "OK" and continue. No PIN is required to pair the Lumafit sensor.

Step 4

Wear Your Lumafit

Rotate sensor from behind and position onto ear. Attach clip and adjust until comfortable. Insure clip is horizontal.

Step 5

Your First Session

  • A great way to start is to do a fitness assement to gauge your baseline fitness and get recommendations on workout schedule.
  • Remember to keep head rotations to a minimum during exercises.
  • When doing bootcamp exercises get into starting position first and wait for “GO” before starting set.